The Evil Quest NPC

I have found the most evil quest NPC in all of World of Warcraft, Elementalist Lo’ap of the Throne of Elements, Nagrand.

Here he is.

The Evil Quest NPC

This guy is like an old fart down the block who asks you to deliver a few packages, what’s the harm, he’ll make it worth your while — next thing you know, you’re stabbing some made guy in a car trunk and seeing black helicopters flying over your house.

To wit: First, he wants you to pick up some animal shit. A LOT of animal shit. (A Rare Bean) Then, he wants you to eat the shit. (Eat shit, then kill stuff)

You’ve now lost your e-dignity, it’s time to test your limits: Go burn a village.

I checked it out: those creatures aren’t bothering anyone, they keep to themselves — they’re fishermen, naturalists of a sort. TOO BAD, they’ve pissed off Lo’ap somehow and he wants it burned to the ground: every hut, every house.

Lastly (and thankfully, ’cause who knows how far this guy would ask you to go), he wants you to clean up some lake pollution. All of a sudden he’s concerned about the environment — never mind the HOMES you just BURNED.

I realized, after I had done his bidding for an hour or so, I’ll do just about anything for a few experience points.