This Could Be A Vanguard Fan Site

Vanguard LaunchesHoly crimony, I forgot that Vanguard went live yesterday!

I’ll probably saunter over there, eventually, after the noob areas have cleared out. And after I buy a new video card. Of course, I’d have to buy the Vanguard box too. And upgrade my EverQuest subscription to the All Access sub. So after all of that prep work and $$$, I’ll check it out. Probably.

Meanwhile, I’m looking for a regular guy (or gal) who’s blogging about their Vanguard adventures. Not a rabid Vansite or Vanboi/Vangrrl please, just a straight shooter who’s ad-van-turing. Leave a comment or send an email and I’ll read.

And speaking of bad Van puns, how long until someone “invents” the terms: Vangrind, Vancrack, Vancrash and Vantastic? I’ll bet someone already has.

(Image credit: Vanguard wallpapers, available on the Official Site)

11 thoughts on “This Could Be A Vanguard Fan Site

  1. Good Lord @ Van puns. Might give it a once over sometime soon, but I’ve heard too many bad things about it to get my hopes up.

  2. If you send me a 8800gtx, I’ll take you up on your offer. A fair trade! Maybe force Vanhemlock to play and write about it, by gunpoint? It could work.

  3. LOL, I made an entire post on my blog a few weeks ago, based on a Vanguard pun. What about the title makes it so easy to do that?

    In my post I Vandalize the quality of play… oh zing!

  4. liquid cooled dual core 4800 overclocked to 6000 with twin 7800’s (yer I know so … 2006 :P) overclocked by 20% each, 2gig of memory, 100 gig 10k rpm drives x 2 and still … Vanguard runs like a bag of shit. I zone (yer it’s supposed to be seamless … my arse) it takes 2 mins of pure lock up while I load the next part of the world. I run on medium settings with the distance pulled right down just to get an acceptable frame rate.

    After all that it looks cack, EQ2 full settings (minus a few shadows) will run flawlessly, I wont even mention what frame rate I get from all the latest games because it’s not an issues, but it is with vanguard.

  5. Gheist, you sound like you know what you’re doing, but I’ll ask it anyway. You do know that higher clock speeds do not always yield increased performance?

  6. uh huh =) I’ve built hundreds of machines, but the fact is no matter what machine I play it on it just runs horribly (I’ve personally got 3 different machines as well as the ‘ol ball and chains machine).

  7. Sadly, Vantard (bwa ha!) does not support SLI at this time, so those of you griping about poor performance with your leet SLI set up are really only using one card – hence the poor performance. APparently full suport for dual core, SLI and Vista will be added early in release. Even more sadly, I am one of those people with a SLI set up, my second card neglected. A*sigh*

  8. I still can’t believe the the retard programmers at Sigil Games didn’t think to put dual core support and SLI / Quad SLI support for a game that takes that much processing power for both CPU and GPU.

    It’s utterly sad that my AMD FX-62 with 2GB of Mushkin DDR2 and Quad SLI XFX Geforce 7950 GX2 can’t make Vancrap run without PC lag.

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention that when I called up Sony’s tech support to see what was going on, and to see if they supported dual core or SLI/Quad SLI (at the time I didn’t know) the techs solution to my problem was to buy a new video card that didn’t have SLI and maybe the game would run better. All I said to him was “are you guys going to buy me a new video card because Sigil programmers are morons?” and hung up on him.

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