8 thoughts on “Oh Pants Graphic, Where Art Thou?

  1. Frankly I welcome clothes that aren’t damn ugly robes that tie my feet together. For so long all high end gear for casters HAD to be a robe, now at least there’s a choice.

  2. I would rather pants that show off my hawt legs, then the rediculous hot pink and neon green 80’s hip waders I am wearing now. Worst part of expansions is you look like a pile of retro dirty laundry for a few months until you get to the next set gear tier.

  3. How about Blizzard designing some leggings for male characters that look just like tighty-whities? How the complaints would roll in, I’d guess.

  4. Whiner… she’s obviously never run around in a set of Warbear Woolies, never had the experience of multiple gnomes standing behind your toon and typing /sniff, i.e. never lived.

  5. I think bliz should make skimpy costumes for male characters as well. I’d love to see more skin on my priest and yes I’m queer. =P

  6. Hahah, I just got those for my priest and I love them! It was great showing them off to my other half’s pally… muahahhaa. They cover up just a little bit more than the ‘naked’ pants, apart from more leg covering around from the knee down. Awesome.

    They obviously haven’t tried on the Raptorbane Armor either… as it *bare*ly covered anything up on my rather lovely buxom dwarf

  7. I dont believe ppl bitch as much about this outgame as they do ingame. The game is math, stats>>>appearance. If yer guildies make fun of yer hotpants, cope or change em.

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