5 thoughts on “Where in the WoW?

  1. I’m going to guess somewhere near the sporregar.

    Whoever designed that hookah has never smoked one, the smoke comes out the tube not the top piece.

  2. At the risk of reveaing my vices, the hooka in the picture is acurate to a degree. When not being smoked, the substance that is lit in the ‘bowl’ of the hooka tends to smoke just like that. Its an ember effect, with the substance smouldering while it waits for you to pull the smoke through the aeration and out the tubes, via suction…

    BTW, I never exhaled… or something.

    either way, its definatly Zagermarsh, though I can’t really be more specific.

  3. Yea as a hookah that would be a little inaccurate, but it could be modeled after a shisha, which has a large bowl at the top. You place your “tobacco” in the large bowl and then put a coal on top of it, so smoke would definitely be rising out of the top. My friend from Egypt had one, very fun.

  4. Zangarmarsh. Woo-ha. I ran through there last night on my way to Blade’s Edge Mountains.

    Goodbye, Space Mulgore (AKA Nagrand), I’ll miss you.

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