Craftable Fake Loot

WoW Item CreatorA newer World of Warcraft toy to play with: WoW Item Creator.

Comes with 22,000 options — I’m estimating — a submission gallery (searchable and browsable) and a viewer rating/commenting system.

Some of the top-rateds:
Dick Cheney’s Hunting Rifle — heh, that’s funny even before you look at it.

This week’s Submission of the Week, Roll Hax. We used to have a guildmember that we all SWORE had a roll hax running. Stupid b… girl would roll 95+ anytime it was something she wanted. SWEAR TO GOD. Even now, when a guildmember has a good streak of rolls we’ll ask them if they’re running her hack.

The Burning Crusade Expansion — the text states that one of the equip effects is “-Women you could have gotten with that $43.67”, and really, you can’t get A woman with $43.67, much less more than one.

Please. Dude. Wake up.

13 thoughts on “Craftable Fake Loot

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  3. yes. that one was posted while I was looking for quotes to put on it… damn them… damn them!

    my darlek and tardis are doing quite well though lol.
    cult themes FTW!

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  5. I do have to say that browsing the just in items would be much more fun were it not for the sudden run of items having to do with race, sexual organs, and gender-bashing, mostly put up by one or two people.

    Gemma, love your stuff!

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