Kruul Advises Despair

Highlord KruulStrange doings around the World of Warcraft this week as The Burning Crusade approacheth.

Last night, Highlord Kruul paid a visit to Stormwind, littering the sidewalks with skeletons and carcasses. I dunno what his deal is, looking for some shards, claims WE have them.

There were reported Kruul sightings near other Warcraft cities as well.

More senseless deaths pics in a Flickr photoset.

3 thoughts on “Kruul Advises Despair

  1. We almost downed him, but he started spamcasting that shadbolt thing every 1.5 seconds. Not sure whether that is intended or he bugged out.

  2. The shadowbolt spam thing is when more than 40 characters attack him at once. We (the Horde) got him down to 18% in Orgrimmar before more people arrived; then it was mass chaos and he was invincible.

    Just a tip, in case he comes back round again.

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