Ranged Capture of the Flag is Safer

I haven’t seen this alleged World of Warcraft battleground exploit in action yet, cuz dammit, I never find these good exploits early enough to have any fun with them: “AV Flag Hacking Out of Control”. Since I haven’t seen it, I can’t confirm it works or exists, but basically players are allegedly capping the Aid Station (or Relief Hut) flag from a longer distance than is appropriate, or reasonable. Then some arguments broke out, which is really what’s fun about this thread.

8 thoughts on “Ranged Capture of the Flag is Safer

  1. Oh, it exists. It works on pretty much any flag north of Iceblood. Not that I’d know anything about it, of course. I’ve been too busy riding around on my new PvP kodo. Wheeeee!

    (Also, the thread you linked to is gone. I guess that means Blizzard is confirming it exists, too.)

  2. It does exist and Blizzard posted that they were aware of it and were working to fix it.

  3. My personal “favorite” AV exploit (all sarcasm here intended) is the one where the Horde can rush into the Alliance stronghold, bring out all the Warmasters, and then bug them outside. No muss, no fuss, walk in and kill Van.


  4. Nothing compared to the ‘get outside of the world’ exploit for horde in WSG, along with they can get over the gate and 3/4 to the alliance side before the match begins. Add the numerous AV exploitations that have happened over the months and are still hapening.

    Along with the above ‘exploitation of mechanics’, on horde you can actually avoid any agro from the inner guards what so ever by sliding down the side and just pulling Van anyway.

  5. My most surprising moment in WSG was when literally2 seconds after the BG started, one of the alliance appeared behind our flag, took it, then vanished back to their base in the next second. This happened for the rest of the flags… nothing we could do.

    Don’t know if any of you have come across that one, but it was the fastest 60 honor i’ve ever earned!

    I also heard the gate exploit can be done on the alliance side, but i’ve only seen us Horde pull it off.

  6. AV flag exploit fixed with today’s patch 2.0.4. Judging by the screaming, finger pointing and mud slinging in that thread, it was fixed.

    And I like the suggestion of flipping the BG maps for a while, as long as WSG and AB (especially) are also flipped. Would answer definitively if the maps provide a material advantage to one side or not.

  7. God, yes what an idea (simplistic but effective and easy to implement). I would have read the thread and found that out but reading WoW boards drops my iq a few points per thread, and it’s low enough as it is.

    Personaly being alliance I’ve only ever seen the horde do the gate trick but I’ve seen the alliance ‘get behind the flag’ trick done by alliance which was promtly reported.

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