Dell WoW Laptops Auction

Engadget is reporting that Dell announced a charity auction of two custom World of Warcraft XPS M1710 laptops to benefit the international humanitarian relief organization, World Harvest — which sounds a lot like The Human Fund, and indeed, if you google World Harvest, there are several different organizations so named. (I also learned from Engadget’s post that there is a nerd pecking order, and sadly, we gaming geeks aren’t as cool as gadget geeks, but they’re not above using our l337 slang like “pwn”.)

Most-ironic winning bidder would be one of the huge Warcraft gold sales sites. That would be win-win all around.

2 thoughts on “Dell WoW Laptops Auction

  1. Playing on laptops is no fun, playing on Dells is no fun, having fancy art doesn’t make it better.

    Waste of money.

    But a gold site buying one would be hillarious.

  2. Which is more fun? Playing WOW on a laptop almost anywhere in the world outside of your house when taking your desktop with you is not a possibility? Or, not playing at all?

    P.S. the laptop probably has better specs than your l33t home made pc. Reading idiotic comments FTW!!!

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