Week of Fives: Bonus List! Five Things About Foton, the Person

Zonk of MMOGNation emailed that I was on deck for the blog chain letter, “This Will Never Make You Rich, but tell us 5 incredibly personal things about yourself anyways”.

Abalieno (of Cesspit) and Dundee (of Mythical) also tagged (and they were tagged by two friends … and so on … and so on) but they didn’t email and I usually don’t read the feed until Tuesday-ish — so no extra credit for them.

Just so you know, don’t send me a Myspace meme asking for 5 celebrities I’d do or 5 flavors I love because I won’t respond and the chain will die with you. I’m sure you already know how dangerous that would be.

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me. (Well, how could you unless I told you?)

1. I graduated from the University of Illinois, aka The U of I. If you ever hear an Iowa alumnus refer to Iowa as The U of I, you have my permission to punch him (or her) in the face. Fucking posers.

2. My great room has been under major remodeling construction for the past two years. Original estimate – three months. I don’t want to talk about it.

3. I can’t sing. You know how moms always say you can be anything you want to when you grow up? Mine qualified that with “… but not a singer.”

4. I’m a music hag. My collection, at last count, totaled over 1500 CDs plus a 6-foot stack of vinyl. If you stop over at my house some day, bring your iPod, I’ll hook you up. Don’t ask about the construction though or you’ll be out on your ass.

5. I still have every box from every MMOG I have ever purchased, including the expansions. I actually pack the boxes in other boxes when I move. I just now realized how ridiculous that is.

Since I’m the last blogger responding (great), the bad luck is all mine … that is … unless … yes, it could work. I’m going to tag YOU, the AFK Gamer commenter community. If you have a blog and you’d like to join in, pop a trackback or ping to this post. If you’re not a blogger, give me 5 in the comments. Don’t be shy, takes 5 minutes, otherwise I’m doomed to bad blogger luck — which for me means guild tranquillity.

11 thoughts on “Week of Fives: Bonus List! Five Things About Foton, the Person

  1. All the posts and feeds have been on display in your local tagging department, in mySpace’s adult-content section, for fifty of your Blogger days. You’ve had plenty of time to ping a formal trackback, and it’s far too late to start making a fuss about it now.

  2. To Pingback (very similar to Trackback), use the link for this post somewhere in your post. To Trackback, use the trackback link above in the meta link section.

    I see Mystic Worlds dinged me too. I’m missing alot of memos lately.

  3. Five thangs you didn’t know about me? This will be disturbing…
    1. As a fifteen year old I had an IQ of 134, yet I did the least homework in my class.
    2. I have a tatoo on my left butcheeck that says “No fat lewt plix”
    3. I have longer hair than most women.
    4. Even though I eat an unhealthy amount of food, I stay thin forevah!!1
    5. I once beat up a guy because he got me banned from WoW.

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  5. I thought I was the only one that had a moving box full of, well, other little worthless boxes. It’s moved 2x now with me, surived a marriage, 2 kids and is now imprisoned in the attic. I think I have Diablo, Diablo II, Half-Life and all the Command and Conquer boxes in there to name a few…kill me.

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