This AV Queue Stinks

There’s a lively Warcraft forum discussion about the addon, StinkyQueue, which syncs the Alterac Valley queueing for a group of players — y’know, instead of counting down in Ventrilo or Team Speak, “3 2 1 GO!” I’m more of a “ready, set, GO!” person, but that’s beside the point. (Forum thread: Is this illegal? … )

We’ve used it with moderate success. It’s about as reliable as doing the “3 2 1 GO!” thing. I’m not a fan of huge guild AV PVP; I prefer sync-queueing with one or two other guildmates and causing trouble at a graveyard or a tower. But if you’re so inclined, it’s a nice way to streamline the queueing.

No blue response yet on that thread, and I have no idea if it’s “illegal” or not, but I’d be willing to bet Blizzard isn’t happy about it — that mod has NERF written all over it.

Find the addon:
Improved StinkyQueue

Archive of “Is this Illegal? …”, page 1

6 thoughts on “This AV Queue Stinks

  1. From what I’ve heard, all the mod does is utilize a command that Blizzard already has implemented into the UI.

    And even if this isn’t true, I don’t see how it would be illegal. Like you said, it’s about as effective as shouting “1… 2… 3… GO” on Vent. It’s not like it’s a guaranteed thing and will cause you to win every single AV ever.

  2. In my mind, you should be able to enter your raid into AV. It should just be on a global relam-vs-realm channel thing.
    Just think about it, Nihilum against Death And Taxes, everyone equipped with T3. An entire line of Warriors charging simmultaniously, mages blinking into the enemy lines and Frost Nova’ing, Priest who would actually heal. Thats awesome for ya right there.

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