December Carnival of Gamers

yamsThis month’s Carnival of Gamers is sure to get a thorough slashdotting, because, duh, it’s hosted by one of the slashdot dudes, Zonk/Michael of MMOG Nation.

This Carnival is set at a holiday dinner with 27 different morsels for you to taste. Put those in your mouth, they’re delicious.

MMoGs, single player, Guild! Drama!, consoles, reviews, and advice — all available for free. We’re only missing your disgruntled relatives for the annual Airing of Grievances. Well, we’re not exactly missing them, are we?

The Carnival of Gamers is a nomadic monthly showcase of articles by gamers, for gamers and about gamers. Next month’s location to be determined.

P.S. There’s your fucking yams, Michael. WTF, nobody told me I was in charge of the yams.

P.P.S. For those of you tracking my theft Fair Use of comedic material and pop culture, that’s 3.

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