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More about everyone’s favorite online human zoo, Second Life: ‘Second Life’ faces threat to its virtual economy, via CNET. Seems some industrious open-source types have unwittingly (they claim) given everyone the keys to the kingdom. From the article, “Linden Lab, which publishes Second Life, posted a blog alerting residents of the virtual world to the existence of a program or bot called CopyBot, which allows someone to copy any object in Second Life. That includes goods such as clothing that people purchase for their in-world avatars …” heh, lol? Half the fun of gaming is having something the other guy doesn’t. And when everyone’s super, no one will be.

4 thoughts on “Second Life Posing

  1. I’m fan enough that I’ll steal their material.

    Great movie — snappy writing, unique characters, story subtext, Pixar, what’s not to love?

  2. i’m in full agreement. although the first time i watched it, i felt somehow underwhelmed. But every subsequent watch has had me
    engrossed. It truly is a brilliant film ๐Ÿ™‚

    It suprised me to know that Brad Bird himself did the voice for Edna. Didn’t see that one coming…

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