Loot the Damn Hounds!

If your guild raids, or has raided, Le Molten Core of Warcraft World, then here’s a couple of phrases (i.e. macros) you’ve heard more times than you care to remember:

Loot the hound! (WoW Noob Lesson: After downing a core hound, the skinner needs an empty corpse to skin the primo leather off the dog.) Possible variations: Loot the damn hounds! Loot the fucking hounds! Crimony, how many times do we have to ask people to loot the goddamn hounds!?!?!?

Wait for sunders! (WoW Noob Lesson: The stackable warrior sunder reduces mob armor and builds a high amount of threat.) Possible variations: Fucking rogues, wait for sunders! *Sigh* Mages, wait for sunders! Warriors, we’re waiting for sunders.

We don’t really shout about those things anymore. Shame, used to be really hilarious.

Anyways, I was reminded of the old MC days when I skimmed through the new Raid Tips Guide posted on the Warcraft World site. If you’re new to raiding, this could be really useful, I suppose. Much of it is common sense, of course, which is never as common as advertised.

If I was new to Warcraft and I was reading through this guide, I would think, “What the crap, raiding sounds like a JOB and that guide reads like an EMPLOYEE MANUAL.”

And I would be right.

27 thoughts on “Loot the Damn Hounds!

  1. here’s the macro i always used bck in my mc days

    /say LOOT TEH DOGS!!!
    /g LOOT TEH DOGS!!!
    /ra LOOT TEH DOGS!!!
    /y LOOT TEH DOGS!!!
    /1 LOOT TEH DOGS!!!

  2. Oh gawd. I’m the skinner…so sick of trying to get people to loot dogs, bats, or just any of the raid skinnables that I’m thinking of dropping skinning. So annoying…

  3. On the brightside, too many skinners are hunters and night elves, which means you find a lot of moron skinners. And it’s so easy to piss them off.

    By not looting the mobs.

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  5. Everytime you don’t loot a hound god kills a kitten….. by sodomizing a puppy….

    saying in one of my old guilds.

  6. yeh. “HUG IT!”

    feckin annhilators.


    hunters always think they’re immune to range instructions…silly hunters….

    “DONT REBANISH IT…okay….WHY IS IT REBANISHED?!” (lazy warlocks)

    hmmm what else….

    “HUG THE WALL” (usually followed buy “WHO PULLED THE FUCKING IMPS?”)

    I hate mc ¬_¬

  7. Wait for Sunders?!

    Pfff … Get a better tank. =P I don’t think I’ve ever waited for a Sunder.

  8. It’s fairly simple when we’re raiding: if you dont wait for sunders … you get to deal with the aggro 😉 Lesson learned

  9. i find it immensely ironic that when you are in a 5 man group EVERYONE in the group tries to loot EVERY corpse. i notice this mostly while in combat i find myself having to roll for loot. but somehow when you get to MC NO ONE loots a damn thing. i figure if you see the little loot effects you could check it out. what’s more, is that when you ask the raid to CLICK THE DAMN DOGS!!@!@!ONE11WON!!!OBIWONKENOBI guess how many people are paying attention?….. sigh

  10. Yea I have to agree with the skinner’s frustration in ZG. With guild MC runs we always did FFA looting since we all knew the loot rules and abided by them. But in ZG people are either too lazy or not paying attention and don’t loot the bats or tigers. A few sunder problems and rebanishment of course is par for course. But what about the knockback warning with Ragnaros for melee to get out of range of it.

  11. I’m really amused at the raid message our guild has when we’re over-dpsing a boss. “stop dps. Give tank some quality time with ” lol

    and yeah we also get “loot the dog!”

  12. lol…we did a MC run last night (under duress, without enthusiasm, since we’re now on Naxx and not happy about having to go back to MC on a frickin’ raid night for the one or two peopple who needed leggings), and that is all I heard. “Loot the fucking dogs! How hard is it, people? Loot the damn dogs!”

    Oh, and I was one of the warlocks who got the “Don’t rebanish – FFS!” Hey, it had been a long time since we’ve done MC, and I didn’t want to be there. Plus I was intermittently reading a book. 😀

  13. FFA anti-jerk guild recruitment policy.. ftw. 2 or 3 people get stuck with the chore of being the guild looter every night though…

  14. I totally don’t get this one. Who raids anywhere with their guild and doesn’t use free-for-all loot? My guilds have always yelled at people that *do* loot the hounds as that’s the responsibility of a single person who is collecting the cores and other drops for the guild bank.

    What is the point of not using FFA? If you don’t trust your guildmates, you need a new guild. Not a macro yelling at them to loot.

  15. LOL. Have you not typed ‘warcraft ninja’ into Google video search? FFA loot. Every. Single. One.

    And no I don’t believe you know and trust all 40 people in your raid.

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  17. People shift click or have other accidents using FFA. Though usually someone one can ninja something once.

    People not looting is a constant problem starting with UBRS and continuing to all the dragon killing you have to do for the Ony key chain. No one wants to loot dragons.

    Our group yells “SHAME LOOT!” where we all run up to the dog and click on it, so the person who didn’t loot doesn’t have to go up by himself. This started as a joke but now we do it all the time.

  18. The shame loot thing is funny. Regarding ninja looters, after the bajillionth AQ40 run I have a hard enough time getting people to ask for items let alone have someone take without asking.

    The only real problem are those that shift looted those goggles in MC i think.

  19. You guys are all in crappy guilds if you’re worried about ninjalooting. I’ve never been in a guild that used anything but FFA and I’ve never seen any ninjalooting. If you don’t trust the other 39 people on a raid with you, I feel really sorry for you and how lousy your WoW experience must be.

  20. Crappy guilds? LOL

    Surely every raid is full of crap? it’s full of 40 self-minded, often egotistical nerdy freaks with various personal issues. At least three of those 40 people are capable of ninjalooting, /gquit-ing and server transferring (possibly getting ebay ready) on a whim.

    Why do you think we all visit afkgamer.com? For a lighthearted ‘oh that’ll never happen to me and my online buddies lols’ chuckle? Well partly yes – but you can’t beat a bit of DRAMA 🙂 That’s what makes playing online interesting for me!

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