Madonna in The Burning Crusade

TBC A Material PriestLike a virgin.
Touched for the very first time.
Like a virgin.
When your heart beats.
Next to mine.

Why is Madonna on the expansion load screen?
Why is she an undead priest? (Ok, I might know that answer.)
How the hell did SHE get full prophecy?
Is this another weird marketing tie-in?

These are the thoughts that torture me while running Blackwing Lair for the 20948039804th time.

10 thoughts on “Madonna in The Burning Crusade

  1. I fear for your brain cells, Foton. Such unbridled speculation could lead to… doomage. Or at least rampant brain cell implosion. Take your pick.

  2. No, that would be running BWL for the 20948039804th time that’s causing the brain damage.

    Friends don’t let friends raid sober.

  3. they are all female except for the dwarf, unless that is a dwarf female.

    A little-publicized facet of the expansion is a new aspect of the Lore. Shortly after the arrival of the Dranei, the dwarves declared that they had “reserved the Eastern Kingdoms for Hot Chicks.” They are now leading a campaign to keep all the dudes of other races over in Kalimdor or in the Outlands.

  4. Its my understanding that in game Madonna has adopted an undead warrior from Brill, but there is some controversy with the Father.
    BTW – I hear those Iron Plate Breast Cones are gonna be hard to buy!

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  6. I can’t say I’m surprised that she’s on there, with all the publicity she has been doing lately… Or maybe, it’s a sign. Maybe in the near future we will be sitting in the cinema, eargely waiting to see the horror that is Lady Sylvannas in the WoW epic movie. Then BAM, 300 people sitting there looking at an ageold singer/model/actor(WTF?) with makeups trying to make her look undead, but only making her look slightly better.
    Dear God, I beg of you, strike her down.

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