Make Love, Not Warcraft

South Park - Mad Gamer2-word review of the World of Warcraft South Park episode: Heh, noobs.

Encore broadcast times, in case you’re not a torrenting type and I don’t even know if that’s legal, so you tell me, I’m just saying, in case you think it isn’t and you’re not into that sort of thing, and you’re willing to wait for another broadcast, unlike me: Thursday (today) at 10 pm Eastern, Friday at 12:30 am Eastern, Saturday at 12 am Eastern, Sunday at 11 pm Eastern, and beyond that … just ask a guildie to hook you up or check out the broadcast schedule. And if you don’t have access to Comedy Central, I don’t even want to think what your internet connection must be like.

There’s a few snaps from the episode in a Flickr photo set.

6 thoughts on “Make Love, Not Warcraft

  1. Do you think you had to be a WOW player to get just how funny it was? It was so surreal seeing how others might perceive our game-play. It excited me about WOW but before I indulged in the urge to log-on, I realized that we all might need some help and elected to read the forums instead. LOL

  2. I talked to a non-WOW, non-gaming person today about the episode and his opinion … he could follow the gaming stuff, (altho the language was still a mishmash of gibberish), and thought it was hilarious.

    I think tho, between you and me, that he thought there was more hyperbole there than reality. We know the truth, however. 🙂

  3. The episode is probably the closest I will ever get to being on a raid. My wife who never has played any form of MMO thought it was funny. She about peed her self she was laughing so hard when Timmy’s character spoke.

  4. I just LOVED the raid leader monotone toward the end. It was dead-on perfect. (I’m not a raider myself–not good for my hands–but I’ve listened to the Vent conversation on a couple of occasions when my husband’s gone raiding.)

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