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Since no one has visited my World of Warcraft realm forums to complain about my PVP self yet — and really, how much more of a douchebag do I have to be to get these people to file an official complaint with my realm?? — here’s some other interesting not-about-me convos I found:

Aerieth of Blackrock asked about upgraded PVP equipment available in the expansion. As answered by Drysc, dripping tree of Castle Blizzard:

We haven’t announced any specific rewards that will be available as of yet, but there are new rewards being implemented that will be available up to level 70 in the new honor system. I’m guessing that probably answers your question just enough so that you still don’t know, and are also now slightly annoyed.

And my job here is done. 😉

Now I found that hilarious. But I think I’m the only one, based on the lack of titters.

Byrondo of Elune asked for player opinions about the best NPC rebel yells and scripts, nominating Ragnaros, Majordomo Executus and Bloodlord Mandokir, he of Zul’Gurub, which got me to thinking … the guys first taking on Bloodlord must have heard him shout “DING!” and wondered what the hell he meant by that — horrified, possibly, that the Bloodlord knew perfectly well what “Ding” means. (And he does.)

Kalanakila of Kalecgos (say what? Where did that realm come from?), possibly coming off an embarassing 5-cap loss in Arathi Basin PVP, asked for opinions on preferred AB strats, specifically: Has the “defend three nodes and we’ll win” strat worked for people (umm ya, that’s math, mate), and, what do you do when the enemy is holding / defending three nodes and you only have two. The thread has some good discussion and anecdotes about AB PVP, but I’ll share my super leet strat for winning 95%+ of your Arathi Basins: queue with 14 guildmates.

That’s similar to my super leet Warsong Gulch PVP strat, which is: queue with 9 guildmates and expect a 98%+ win rate. (I never promised you keen insight or in-depth game analysis.)

Comedy Central’s South Park, featuring World of Warcraft, will be broadcast tonight at 10 pm Eastern. Expect your guildchat to feature line-by-line dialogue recaps because what could be more fun than watching television with your game buddies and then seeing the same lines repeated in guildchat just in case you suddenly became hard of hearing. (Blizzard press release)

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  2. Most of my friends are refusing to read any “spoilers” so we get to discover the content fresh and learn the bosses on our own. Yeah, the very first people to hear “ding!” thought “oh .. my… GOD! WTF!” but I have never even been to the Broodlord, and it will just be a “meh” moment when I get there, the only satisfaction not on exploring new things but working together to reproduce solutions that other people already figured out.

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