Loot the Damn Hounds!

If your guild raids, or has raided, Le Molten Core of Warcraft World, then here’s a couple of phrases (i.e. macros) you’ve heard more times than you care to remember:

Loot the hound! (WoW Noob Lesson: After downing a core hound, the skinner needs an empty corpse to skin the primo leather off the dog.) Possible variations: Loot the damn hounds! Loot the fucking hounds! Crimony, how many times do we have to ask people to loot the goddamn hounds!?!?!?

Wait for sunders! (WoW Noob Lesson: The stackable warrior sunder reduces mob armor and builds a high amount of threat.) Possible variations: Fucking rogues, wait for sunders! *Sigh* Mages, wait for sunders! Warriors, we’re waiting for sunders.

We don’t really shout about those things anymore. Shame, used to be really hilarious.

Anyways, I was reminded of the old MC days when I skimmed through the new Raid Tips Guide posted on the Warcraft World site. If you’re new to raiding, this could be really useful, I suppose. Much of it is common sense, of course, which is never as common as advertised.

If I was new to Warcraft and I was reading through this guide, I would think, “What the crap, raiding sounds like a JOB and that guide reads like an EMPLOYEE MANUAL.”

And I would be right.

Madonna in The Burning Crusade

TBC A Material PriestLike a virgin.
Touched for the very first time.
Like a virgin.
When your heart beats.
Next to mine.

Why is Madonna on the expansion load screen?
Why is she an undead priest? (Ok, I might know that answer.)
How the hell did SHE get full prophecy?
Is this another weird marketing tie-in?

These are the thoughts that torture me while running Blackwing Lair for the 20948039804th time.