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  1. the biggest dissappointment zone in the game. I was quite excited to check out uldam afterwards. And then i found out it wasnt finished..

  2. This is the treasure room behind the final boss in Uldaman. The instance is long, but the quest that starts in that room is one of the best in the whole game. WELL worth the effort, imo.

  3. I’ve always found Uldaman a horror to PUG. Or find a group for, period. The overall loot isn’t justifable enough for most people to want to go through it. And its a shame, because it has a great (and important) lore chunk in it.

    From the untied ends that lead towards Ul’dum’s premise, I really can’t wait til that instance is opened. The Makers returning to Azeroth, and being able to explore the lab that they used to design the planet just sound like they’ll be awesome events.

  4. Yeah, Uldaman is nifty, especially things like the Indiana Jones room. But they really need to take out at least half of the trash mobs in the place. Runs take forever and not because they’re that hard (except the final fight) but because there is just so damn much crap to clear and that many more chances for a boo-boo to wipe the party.

    The tunnels full of bats and scorps and basilisks are the worst, IMO.

  5. Uldaman!

    For the most part, I thought the instance was a chore and didn’t really enjoy it too much, until the final boss fight. Coming from a UO background, class/party based PVE was something new to me in WoW, and the final fight in that dungeon was my first experience with a scripted boss fight. That fight made the whole instance worth it for me, and got me even more hooked on WoW than I already was.

  6. The loot for the zone just needs to be improved to make it worth the toughness in completing the run. At the moment there are a couple of very good items that come from the zone but the scarlet cathedral is much easier to complete.

    Talvish’s Necklace Quest
    Ring from the Boss
    Fire Gun from Dark Iron Dwarf

    All are worth getting if you can get a group of experienced players.

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