Witches on the Intarwebs

Yes, I am aware that we’re blowing through bandwidth around here like it was going out of style. Some of you people will have to find somewhere else to waste productive work hours. (I’m looking in your direction, Seal Online people. That project is dead. Move on.)

I was out of town this weekend, but I did arrive home, to my beloved World of Warcraft, in time to witness what had to be The Best Ironforge Conversation of the Week:

Women on the Intarwebs

Well played, Moon****. Well played.

P.S. I see there’s a patchlet available today for World of Warcraft, version 1.12.1, which will take 38 years to bittorrent. No time like the present, DO IT NOW!!

5 thoughts on “Witches on the Intarwebs

  1. I give 50/50 odds, at least, that the woman in question was actually a guy… I swear, most of the women I know who play WoW won’t admit it for the life of ’em unless they get to know you first. I just laugh to my husband when people call me “dude” and let them think I’m a guy, cause it’s a hell of a lot easier that way.

    And yeah, hell of a funny conversation, either way!

  2. I think its funny they argue its a ‘medical’ term… as if the types of people typing ‘vagina’ in WoW would be using it in any kind of scientific context. xD

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