9 thoughts on “Jack Admits He Has a Problem

  1. EL OH EL – The kid is truly among the MAJORITY, not the MINORITY!

    – Convergence Guild
    – Duskwood – Horde

  2. What the kid (from the second article) is, is a quitter. How could he leave his guild high and dry?!? He was a healer for crying out loud… no doubt the guild gave resources for him to get up in levels… then he off and quits for something like “Friends” and “Schoolwork” … bah! those will be there on Tuesday Mornings… Pleanty of time during patches!

    J/k of course 🙂

  3. LOL, ‘World of Warcrack’. A couple years ago it was all about ‘Evercrack’. They act like its a new thing Blizzard invented, that some folks camp out in the basement playing MMOs all the time.

  4. Agree with Pietoro.

    Blizzard didnt invent game addicts, but Warcraft certainly has increased the sample size of idiots and basement dwellers that I have to interact with. Next some clock tower loony will shoot somebody with “an epic rifle”, and we’ll see more popular press rants about evils of games. Meh.

    Can we get all these fools to play on the one server, and then close transfers from it? Like Survivor mixed with Jerry Springer.


  5. I agree with Typhoon on this one. We could even vote people onto the server.

    To make it more interesting, we could somehow be able to ‘view’ this server once they’re all on. Laugh at the dialog. Mock the raiding attempts. Somehow they could even integrate betting into it.

    Televised WoW… the beginning to an end…

  6. bleh. i wanna read this, but chron.com has moved the story to the archives so you have to register to read it and bugmenot.com doesn’t have any working logins. boo.

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