The August 2006 Warcraft Keylogger Incident

The official word from the Warcraft forums about The August 2006 Keylogger: “We would like to warn players of a keylogger scam that is getting posted on the forums. This scam puts fake URLs, or hyperlinks, that once clicked will install a trojan to steal your account name and password. It is important that players take caution when being directed to outside websites and update their security on their computers accordingly. […]” Reply #37, by Landragoran of the Draenor realm, summarized the real details (this is what I heard/read also): “just for everyone who doesn’t know, the site currently being used for distribution of this keylogger is (i’m not going to type out the whole link in fear of someone clicking it and blaming me). basically if you see any link with “tulang” in it, do not click the link. so far i have seen the link in a post claiming that DnT had downed the 4 horsemen, SS’s inside, and 2 posts with the title “‘Trial Version’ question”, wherein someone claims they purchased a computer that came with a trial version of WoW and they want to know if installing it will install the full version but only allow them to play for a short amount of time, or only install part of the game. they then provide a link to the “trial version” that they are talking about.” (Furl archive of thread, page 1oh well, Furl’s dead now, but whatcanyado.)

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