Finding Joy in the Grind

For reference, I am an Alliance rogue. Your mileage may vary.

Evil things I like to do in World of Warcraft’s PVP Battlegrounds:

1. Kill warlock pets. This has become such an addiction for me, I’ll cheapshot, blind, sap (the miscellaneous stuns available in the rogue bag of tricks) the warlock, and let him stew for a bit while I kill the pet. That’s right, I’ll leave a loose warlock out there just so I can nail the pet. This isn’t even a tactical decision, this is me being a dick. (Thanks to Raster for introducing me to this mini-game within the PVP game.)

2. Turn on auto attack while a caster is backing up in my direction. Caster, meet the buzzsaw. Most of the time, I do this for my own amusement rather than out of necessity because, say, stealth or vanish aren’t available.

3. Allow the 5-combo pointed priest/mage to think he dodged a bullet. The priest or mage does his/her thing, I do mine — 5 combo points worth of mine. The mage iceblocks, the priest psychic screams (their AE fear), whathaveyou. I restealth or vanish, they back away, alt-tabbing wildly, looking for me. (When I have 5-combo points, caster, you don’t back away, you run away.) Tada! Surprise! See ya next fall.

4. I’m a bow-spec rogue … honest. I love the frost nova + blink combo that mages do. One of the few chances I get to haul out ye olde bow in PVP. I COULD vanish out of the frost nova (it’s a mage root), but it’s more sporting to bow them down.

5. Guard Alterac Valley’s Snowfall graveyard. Not really, who gives a shit about Snowfall once the Alliance has Iceblood or beyond? Not me. But sometimes there’s a shouting dude in the AV raid that calls everyone tards (or in their venacular, “retarts”) and shouts out instructions as if no one in the raid has ever won an Alterac Valley before. If we’re losing or falling behind, it’s never THEIR fault, it’s always the rest of us because they’re the smartest human on the planet. In our raid! The smartest! Talk about lucky.

Anyways, they’ll shout their Captain Obvious instructions and I’ll remind them (several times if necessary) /bg I’m on defense at Snowfall. Eventually, they take the bait and call me an idiot in the raid channel. “ABANDON SNOWFALL U TART! GET DOWN TO FROSTWOLF!” Did I say Snowfall? I meant the Relief Hut.

Imagining the bulging vein in their forehead gives me a great deal of pleasure.

Similar dickweed stuff I do to the shouting dudes in Warsong Gulch: /bg Hiding the flag in Horde base cuz they’ll never look for it here!

3 thoughts on “Finding Joy in the Grind

  1. This one is particular to WSG and AB, mostly due to the decreased chance of getting mowed down by 15 people at once.

    My favorite thing to do is to go Crippling poison mainhand, mindnumbing poison offhand and then sprint around putting it on the mages. And just moving on to another person, leaving them there to wallow in their deabilitated misery. In my experience, depoisoning just doesn’t happen in BG’s and these guys have just about nothing they can do once this has gone down. I’ve seen mages get so frustrated with that combo of poisons they just suicide themselves into a warrior just to resurrect without that on them.

  2. Good call, Puhase. I’m a big fan of crippling poison myself, haven’t tried the caster-grief poison combo yet but I will this weekend for sure.

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