The Warcraft PVP Grind

World of Warcraft monster thread alert: Honor Curve and PVP Concerns, which discusses post-patch 1.12 (i.e. cross-server PVP/battlegrounds) PVP ranking, decay and how in the hell are we working stiffs ever going to reach the upper ranks? I didn’t have a lot of time to PVP last week, much as I was enjoying the near insta-queues and meeting new asshats from other realms, therefore, I wasn’t overly hopeful on making much headway on my PVP goal. Which was a good thing, because I didn’t. I ninja inspected the honor gains on my realm’s hardcores prior to maintenance, 600 – 800k+ was not uncommon — I was 143k for the week. (SHADDUP!) Looks like I barely covered the rank decay for the week with two PVP play sessions. This chick on my server, former guildmate, newly unemployed, zoomed past me in ranking like I was going in slo-mo. I’d inquire how much PVP time she cranked out, hell I’d ask our raid leader to inquire, but she’s not speaking to either one of us, which is another story entirely.

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  1. Yea really what you’re seeing here is a week where everyone and their mother decided to jump back into PVP so the numbers for the week are all inflated. As the novelty of cross server battlegrounds fades away, the numbers should come back down and be more in line with what we experienced pre 1.12.

    For instance, in my effort to get exalted with Arathi Basin, I’ve been PVPing (I can play about 3 nights a week) for the last 4 weeks. I’ve been averaging around 100k a week and have been shooting up through the ranks. The week prior to 1.12 I made 110K which was enought to take me from 50% into Blood Guard (I dunno what the alliance equivalent is sorry, it’s rank 7 though) to 10% into Legionnaire (rank 8 ). This is my 3rd time hitting rank 8 and it’s usually as far as I get. It seems to be a sort of glass ceiling for casual players, since the rank 9 reward isn’t too stellar and the effort required to hit rank 10 is prohibitive to most players. Anyway, I got 130K this week and it barely moved me 10% of the way into Legionnaire. I was ranked 334 on my server whereas I had been hovering around 130 with 100k honor.

    Just curious, what’s your rank Foton, and what rank are you aspiring to achieve? It seems like since you’re in a raiding guild you would have no use for the blue PVP gear and the epic PVP rewards take a serious commitment to obtain. Are you just dicking around with the honor system while checking out the cross server BGs?

  2. Currently rank 9, Knight-Champion on Alliance, for 3 weeks. Goal of rank 11, only for the black epic mount, then I’m back to just dicking around after raids and on weekends with PVP.

    The epic PVP gear can suck me off, don’t have the nads or the time to commit. Less effort to show up for the Naxx wipes raids and occasionally score some purplez.

  3. The current BG hype is great for rep, not so great for rank. I did a full sunday of AV resulting in 100k honor. So jerks that are pvping 24/7 are going to get some ridiculous HK’s.

  4. I think honor on my server has remained about the same. Two weeks ago I was able to go from 14% in rank 6 to 3% in rank 8 in one week, I got 350k honor for the week and was #16. Last week I was down to 321k honor was #16 again and went up to 5% in rank 9. My goal is to get rank 10 and finish the blue armor set. Being in the military and overseas joining a raiding guild is not a real option for me. I average about 8 hours a day grinding honor. What’s killing me is pugging everything, and 50% of the horde are clueless. Another tip, I think if you are looking for the most bang for your buck, if you are doing pugs is to do AB. In WSG you can get shut out, and not get any bonus honor and if one side turtles, games can last over a hour. In AV games can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours (longest I have been in) it seems to me the bonus honor doesn’t equal the time invested for either side. With AB, even the most inept teams can hold one node and that is usually 400 bonus honor at least along with honor kills and the game usually last 10-15 minutes. If you can 5 cap, games last 6 minutes and you get 2k bonus honor. Plus you know there will be an ending to AB, I have never been in a game that lasted longer than 30 minutes.

  5. Vanity update: Week ended 9/5/06 — 362k honor, 1300 honor kills, 30th overall on the server for the week, DING! Rank 10, .35 into Lieutenant Commander. May I never have to go to Alterac Valley again, except to buy PVP potions. And those ice arrows, cuz nothing is cooler to bow down those bastard frost-nova’ing mages.

    Self-serving update: Week ended 9/19/06 — 269k honor, 1600 honor kills (what a shit week), 35th overall, DINGETH! Rank 11, .10 into Commander. Now to go show off the black mount to the Ironforge noobs.

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