Important Gaming Lesson: Brothers are Evil

If we learn anything from gaming, it is this: Brothers are the shittiest humans in the world. It’s always brothers that are hacking, hijacking, botting, cheating and generally abusing game characters any chance they get. I’m considering adding the question “Do you have a brother?” to our guild application and I’ll just auto-deny anyone with a male sibling. I have an older brother myself, true, but I keep a sharp eye on him whenever technology is involved. Anyways, it appears that brothers are at it again, deleting Warcraft characters across the realms. Either brothers or a trojan keylogger — my research is incomplete at this point. There’s a few reports this is related to a poser CTmod site and/or a Best Warcraft Video Ever site, players are warned to download mods only from trusted sites and only .zip files rather than executables, bla bla, you know the drill. I’ll update this post with a few links when the forums wake up again. (Maintenance day, donchaknow.) The smart money is on goddamn brothers, however. UPDATE: Here’s the Customer Service forum thread seeking additional details from affected account owners.

4 thoughts on “Important Gaming Lesson: Brothers are Evil

  1. I dunno…I have a theory that “brothers” are often just “evil imaginary twins,” if you know what I mean. Foul up? Act like a noob? Wipe the raid? It wasn’t ME, it was my LITTLE BROTHER. But you may be on to something here.

  2. It’s the latest version of SWStats that was going around that had the trojan virus if i’m not mistaken. It was put out the day of the last patch we have and that’s what did it.

  3. I have a good friend who is a cop and he tells me to avoid ‘Some Dude’. Apparently ‘Some Dude’ is the cause of almost any crime anyone he catches is committing. Beware of ‘Some Dude’.

  4. Heh, I love the part where, in certain circumstances, naked level 60s have to farm gold and/or reagents, nexus crystals etc. to get their gear restored.

    Are the realm economies that delicate, or is this latest keylogging incident that widespread? I suppose a guild would come in handy in this situtaion, assuming the guildbank didn’t get hijacked, and wouldn’t that be a big score for the hijackers to nail a guildbank? Scary.

    I could have easily gotten burned by this scam — I’m careful, but I’m not a fanatic about it.

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