I Hate People

I’m not kidding. I’m so tired of people and their baggage, I’d really like to order all my Warcraft guildmates out of the guild and I’ll just run around collecting flowers and ore and checking my game mail for sales. “Fuck all of you, get out.” I only hesitate because I know some of them won’t get out and there we’ll be, all ten of us, sitting in guildchat, staring at one another.

Let’s back up. Few weeks ago, there’s this HUGE drama problem in the guild. I’m involved peripherally. And it’s big as it involves an officer and real lives and … let’s leave it at that. (Remember, I said I was involved peripherally, so don’t send emails asking what the hell I fucked up this time. On the periph, that’s me. I was catching fallout though, hence my problem.)

The drama news broke and the guild started creaking at the seams. The guildleader (aka Puppet #2) asked me what I thought should be done about this little mess to ensure guild tranquility and, after about two minutes consideration, I ordered the assassination of one of the directly involved parties. (I mean an assassination in the guild sense … your basic /gkick.) Instead of accepting their fate gracefully, the newly unguilded started raising a ruckus … they’re gonna bring down this guild, there’ll be nothing but ashes in a few days, we’ll all be sorry, also, Foton is a prick. Whatever. Move along, asshole.

Frankly, it was largely a business equation. I weighed the guild-worth of the involved players and who could continue to work together amicably, and they were odd man out. I mean CMON, I’m not gonna boot a priest, I’m not an idiot in matters of the guild.

(Repeating a lesson from weeks prior: Do NOT fuck, or fuck with, the guild priests. Too much fallout.)

Ok. That was a few weeks ago and we fast forward to this week … The guild is recovering nicely from that little mess, although, I’m still pissed off that we had to deal with all of it. Bright side, I’m mighty proud of myself for ordering the assassination and seeing it done before my very eyes. (Power, she be intoxicating.)

In the midst of all the drama, a tiny sliver of guild powerbrokers was trying to grab some political muscle, with some minor success I will add. In hindsight, I didn’t really notice at first because I was occupied with cleanup duty, shoring up the ranks, farming raid loot so everyone’s getting paid. Y’know, doing my game job? But, live and learn, baby. Live and learn.

Once order was restored, the powerbrokers were pushed back and rebuffed. In plain language, they were trying to wrestle control of the raids, DKP and loot distribution, (the lifeblood of an endgame guild), and after a few missteps with raiding and loot distribution, they were told to back off. Their services in this regard would no longer be required, but thank you for stepping up.

They seemed fine with this. Which should have been my first clue that they really weren’t fine with this.

What should have been my second clue? You’ll have to find out tomorrow — I’ve finished my coffee.

14 thoughts on “I Hate People

  1. Guild drama, gotta love it… at a distance. Not so much when you’re involved in it…. though some people seem to enjoy causing it, and are always dredging up something, with themselves in the center of it, of course.

    Last guy like that we had in the guild, I told (in guild chat) ‘If I wanted drama, I’d read Shakespeare.’

  2. I’d let you listen in on Vent, but we have a strict “no journalists, no developers” policy. Y’see, sometimes we fight dirty … like last night on a world dragon when we might have, kinda, sorta, exacted some revenge on a rival guild that had it coming to them.

  3. Dude if you hate people you play games with online, how must you feel about real ones? Why dont you join the army then you can get paid to blow other people to hell with a 20mm vulcan or some cool weapon like that. Put your money where your muth is, ace.

  4. I don’t really like human beings. I have no friends and I really enjoy being alone. I don’t work, therefore I never meet anyone, which is a gift. When I am in a shop though, I am polite and friendly towards people who work there. I am OK with the general public, but I never like personal contacts/friends. Believe it or not, I always make people laugh. When I am tired of people, I vanish. So, how do I spend my time alone? I memorise some poems, I read the classics, I make a wish list, I cook, I dress up and have tea parties – all by myself. What a treat this life is!

  5. You WoW nerds and your guild drama annoys me, especially when douchebags like you whine about it and brag about “assassinating” people. You cunts can’t make it in my gay world. Have fun pretending, ya fuckin’ mooks. 😛

  6. Hartman… You…. You…. Are totally right. You guys want to end guild drama, then quit that retarded game, so then you can deal with REAL life drama.

  7. i agree with jack and hartman… you losers get a life and stop whining, you pussies

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