The New Stormwind

The New Stormwind

I don’t know how things are on other servers, but on my server, level 60 PVP battlegrounds are all but dead on most days of the week.

Cue the level 19 twinks.

Many of the level 60 former PVPers have created a level 19 character to twink with ridiculously overpowered enchants and outrageously priced blue (rare) gear. Our mains are rich, can farm the lower instances in mere minutes for gear and supplies and, most importantly, we know the top-flight enchanters. I would be ashamed to detail the equipment of the characters in our twink guild — it’s that obscene. Which reminds me, I need to take my rogue out to farm the materials for the +spell power enchant.

An unexpected result of all this twinkery has been the revitalization of Stormwind. What once was a deserted city, is now a bustling metropolis … for twinks, trade channel auctioneers and high-end enchanters plying their services.

Ironforge is still the hangout of choice for the Alliance 60s, but if you want to see CROWDED, fly down to Stormwind and check out the Auction House. For kicks, you could announce in the public channel that you just threw some new low-level potions and blue gear on the AH and watch the rush of twinks to the auctioneers.

I got some really angry tells that day.