Use American Keyboards Dammit!

In another example of great minds thinking alike, emailer Chuck of the Warcraft-Server-That-Is-Not-Mine (I checked) found this new farmer tactic:

Farmers' Market(ing)

On the same night, I had screenshot the same farmer/team on my own server — not Chuck’s server (I checked):

Farmers' Market(ing)

I’m not really sure why non-standard characters are allowed on U.S. servers in the first place. It’s not like we’re all that fanatic about typing &#0252ber over uber.

(If only my guild could see me now, using non-standard characters as if it was second nature. Their hope in ignorant, isolationist Americans would be restored.)

If some dude uses non-standard characters in his player name, I just don’t bother talking to him or ihr. Mostly because it would involve research to establish a friendship, but also it’s the principle of the matter.

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