Use American Keyboards Dammit!

In another example of great minds thinking alike, emailer Chuck of the Warcraft-Server-That-Is-Not-Mine (I checked) found this new farmer tactic:

Farmers' Market(ing)

On the same night, I had screenshot the same farmer/team on my own server — not Chuck’s server (I checked):

Farmers' Market(ing)

I’m not really sure why non-standard characters are allowed on U.S. servers in the first place. It’s not like we’re all that fanatic about typing &#0252ber over uber.

(If only my guild could see me now, using non-standard characters as if it was second nature. Their hope in ignorant, isolationist Americans would be restored.)

If some dude uses non-standard characters in his player name, I just don’t bother talking to him or ihr. Mostly because it would involve research to establish a friendship, but also it’s the principle of the matter.

Foton for Warcraft Community Manager!

I should app for the Community Manager position at World of Warcraft. Well … I should, except I only meet 3.5 of the 9 (or 10) requirements.


* 3-5 years of previous community-management experience in the gaming industry (nope)
* Strong written and spoken communication skills combined with a passion for gaming (YES!)
* Strong customer-service skills and a professional attitude (nope)
* Strong management and project-oversight skills (debatable)
* Strong time-management and organization skills (ditto)
* Previous experience developing and/or managing video game related websites (Fuck ya.)
* Willingness to work long hours and night and be available on call year round (nope)
* Bachelor’s degree, in communications, journalism, or related field preferred (One of my double majors is English. I’ll need a ruling on this, but I say YA!)
* Proficiency with MS Office (I vote yes. My assistant would vote hell no.)
(I’m adding this requirement) * Willing to accept ridiculously low pay and live in ridiculously overpriced Southern California (umm, no thanks?)

On an unrelated topic, I was out of town this week on business, pleasure and family facetime. Big doings in the guild recently which I’d like to share comment on bitch about. (Tomorrow. Tune in.)

Speaking of guilds … do other gamers with a website get panicked when they see mysterious linkbacks and, upon further investigation, the site author has the same name as their guild leader?

That is some freaky shit.