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I wouldn’t call it an “epic thread” as some responders did, *cough*, but it is different. The now freshly-created player of the Arthas realm, Mojojuju, was seeking work about a week ago as a guild … I’m going to use the word lackey, but you might choose the word bitch … in “offering my services to any server for G”:

it’s simple I am offering myself as an experianced player to any guild on any server who needs one just tell me the server and guild name plus who to contact and add your offer in G and items. the winning bid will win my services. I will role on your server and join your guild then just help me level to 60 and I’ll serve you well.
if your guild is lacking in a particular class build let me know and I will role that.

a bit about me: i’m realy male and I’m 27(not just some kid), I have many characters, a few of which are 60 or near it.
I play mainly on a pvp server.
been playing since release.
I have an open calender and can play just about any day/time.
I’ve run mc and ZG alot but thats the extent of my endgame raiding, however I have studied the others.

someone requested a bit more about my classes played, I have played all classes and have a hunter, mage, and warrior at or near 60. most others are 25-45. I carfully study my role for each character class I play.

the bidding will start at 10G and 4 “12” slot bags(3 if you need a hunter).

Several joke bids later, and the winning bidder is revealed:

**Just an update it’s over and the winner is below, I rolled a troll priest named Mojojuju and will be posting with him.**

I hope this goes well..


Level 60 Undead Rogue

Guild: Collision Force
Realm: Arthas

10g 4 14 slot bags on rolling a troll priest (berserking gheals yummy)
100g on level 20
level 40 mount purchased
150g on level 60 and 4 16 slot bags
100g, onxyia cloak, flarecore shoulers, various other needed for raiding things. once all attunements complete with minimal guild spam for help getting them done (we’ve got a raiding schedule to keep)

will gear you appropriately at 60 very quickly.

www.collision-force.com for contact

(What a shock. They needed another priest.)

Hell, that’s not a bad offer for an unknown player. Frankly, my guild spends a lot more for (largely untested) new guildmembers — this could be the way of the future.

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