Myspace Sport

By now, we all know there’s some seriously funny shit to be seen over at Myspace. Maybe you’re at work, or on summer break (btw, we hate you), you’ve read your guild forums, you’ve read the game forums, you’ve seen all the YouTubes, now what? Here’s a fun sport I recently discovered: searching Myspace for your emo servermates, or if you’re VERY lucky, for guildmates. Un-believa-bly fun-ny. Start your search with guildmates who were STUPID enough to tell the guild they have a Myspace. (score!) Expand outwards by searching YourGame + YourServer. (score! score! score!) Finish off the stalking by searching for YourGame and enjoy the vast landscape of sparkly backgrounds and Panic at the Disco music. “Dear Myspace, My guildmates found you today. T-T Could Slayd be AFKGamer’s Foton? He’s mean to me. Mood – curious. Listening to – Who else, James Blunt.”

1 thought on “Myspace Sport

  1. LOL, my guild leader JUST posted his myspace address in the guild forums.

    OMG… So EMO, man. You just don’t understand his pain.

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