Second Life Ninjas Publicity from World of Warcraft

Since I know next to nothing about computer hardware and even less about network doohickeys, CNET News’ article about the scalability of Second Life versus that of, say, EQII and World of Warcraft reads like this in my head: bzzzz servers bzzzz users bzzzz bees bzzzz I need some more coffee. I see that they talked to Castronova about all this … bzzzz, because that’s some sort of rule in g-journalism. Either that or Castronova spam emails all the paid rags that he’s available WHENEVER to comment on gaming issues, although he’s never emailed me saying, “hey Foton, if you ever need some perspective on The Endgame or The Lack of Ideas in MMO Orc on Elf Gaming, I’m your guy.” Which is good, because I’d just think, wtf, like I’m not living it?

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