Warcraft Player Seeking Work

I wouldn’t call it an “epic thread” as some responders did, *cough*, but it is different. The now freshly-created player of the Arthas realm, Mojojuju, was seeking work about a week ago as a guild … I’m going to use the word lackey, but you might choose the word bitch … in “offering my services to any server for G”:

it’s simple I am offering myself as an experianced player to any guild on any server who needs one just tell me the server and guild name plus who to contact and add your offer in G and items. the winning bid will win my services. I will role on your server and join your guild then just help me level to 60 and I’ll serve you well.
if your guild is lacking in a particular class build let me know and I will role that.

a bit about me: i’m realy male and I’m 27(not just some kid), I have many characters, a few of which are 60 or near it.
I play mainly on a pvp server.
been playing since release.
I have an open calender and can play just about any day/time.
I’ve run mc and ZG alot but thats the extent of my endgame raiding, however I have studied the others.

someone requested a bit more about my classes played, I have played all classes and have a hunter, mage, and warrior at or near 60. most others are 25-45. I carfully study my role for each character class I play.

the bidding will start at 10G and 4 “12” slot bags(3 if you need a hunter).

Several joke bids later, and the winning bidder is revealed:

**Just an update it’s over and the winner is below, I rolled a troll priest named Mojojuju and will be posting with him.**

I hope this goes well..


Level 60 Undead Rogue

Guild: Collision Force
Realm: Arthas

10g 4 14 slot bags on rolling a troll priest (berserking gheals yummy)
100g on level 20
level 40 mount purchased
150g on level 60 and 4 16 slot bags
100g, onxyia cloak, flarecore shoulers, various other needed for raiding things. once all attunements complete with minimal guild spam for help getting them done (we’ve got a raiding schedule to keep)

will gear you appropriately at 60 very quickly.

www.collision-force.com for contact

(What a shock. They needed another priest.)

Hell, that’s not a bad offer for an unknown player. Frankly, my guild spends a lot more for (largely untested) new guildmembers — this could be the way of the future.

Myspace Sport

By now, we all know there’s some seriously funny shit to be seen over at Myspace. Maybe you’re at work, or on summer break (btw, we hate you), you’ve read your guild forums, you’ve read the game forums, you’ve seen all the YouTubes, now what? Here’s a fun sport I recently discovered: searching Myspace for your emo servermates, or if you’re VERY lucky, for guildmates. Un-believa-bly fun-ny. Start your search with guildmates who were STUPID enough to tell the guild they have a Myspace. (score!) Expand outwards by searching YourGame + YourServer. (score! score! score!) Finish off the stalking by searching for YourGame and enjoy the vast landscape of sparkly backgrounds and Panic at the Disco music. “Dear Myspace, My guildmates found you today. T-T Could Slayd be AFKGamer’s Foton? He’s mean to me. Mood – curious. Listening to – Who else, James Blunt.”

Transfers, The Hated Dreamfoil and Guild Hoppers

Warcraft forum threads that haven’t (yet) disintegrated into O RLYs, L2Ps and STFUs for your reading and thinking pleasure during weekly maintenance:

More on the upcoming paid character transfers in a stickied thread with links to the authorized media outlets with further details: GameSpot and Atomic with the real meat of the deal — $25, can take up to 10 days to complete (wtf), cooldown of six months (the anti-churn barrier).

UPDATE: Paid transfers open for business late Tuesday for the following realms only, at this time: Altar of Storms, Argent Dawn, Demon Soul, Illidan and Warsong. More info available in the Paid Transfer FAQ.

“I hate dreamfoil”, a player-created rant about the difficulties in harvesting the WoW craft component dreamfoil, which is used in the lion’s share of the high-end game potions (read: overfarmed, especially on the high-pop servers). Eyonix, Blizzard whelp, explains it all in reply #21:

We don’t really see this as a problem. Certainly Dreamfoil is a valuable commodity but thats a good thing. So are many of the other herbs (however we will agree that Sansam seems in less demand than the other high end herbs), but we expect there to be some variance in demand for herbs.

And again, that’s positive.

In general the Auction House prices for Mountain Silversage and Icecap are comparable to Dreamfoil. Of course this will vary from realm to realm.

A couple of players challenge his herbal knowledge (e.g. Do you guys even play WOW anymore?), and his defense in reply #24: “Yes, and I have two 300 alchemists, and four 300 herbalists.”

Ya, man. So do the rest of us. We have at least two herbalists (usually three, four or more) to support the alchemist because all the big resist pots use dreamfoil, as do the big mana/rejuv pots, which some healers suck down like mother’s milk. Ya, I know — they need to conserve and to gear up and blah blah. Am I gonna tell them that? Hell no. They’re healers, I keep my mouth shut.

Some good ideas by the players in the thread, which will be largely ignored, because PharmingIsPhun. Just like managing bag space — it’s a mini game within the game!

Jesus, just say you’re going to look at dreamfoil and forget it. We’ll assume you’re still looking at it months from now and the alchemists remain blissfully ignorant. Public outcry averted.

Finally, a discussion about the bane of every raiding guild that ever was: The Guild Hopper, the loot and scooter. “How to Deal with People that …”

The original post, by Volume (of an unknown realm because it’s maintenance time and we know how logins work on the forums when the game login servers are down):

How are you supposed to deal with people that join your guild, get geared up, and leave to join a guild that has further end-game progression.

We had a player who did jsut that. Right after he got his 5/8 tier 1, the next day he made up some excuse about our raid schedule being bad and left and joined another guild that is deep in BWL.

Please help. How can we prevent this or deal with this kind of BS.

We’ve all had those types in our guilds, for certain, but what is with the players in this particular game (or is it this particular generation of MMOG?) who play the “raid schedule conflict” card once they’re full MC/BWL/Beyond gear? It’s the catchall excuse for a New Generation of “I’m not a loot whore” loot whores, although I must say I preferred the fake “I need a cancer operation and/or heart surgery” announcement of yore. At least that had some panache.

There’s lots of suggestions from the player base, but know this to be true: the best suggestions for protecting the guild from guild hoppers and other whores are the proactive ones (read: fucking them before they can fuck you). Once they’ve /guildremoved, your options to screw with them are somewhat limited, although not impossible.

Oh no, it’s not impossible. Not by a long shot.

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I hate dreamfoil
How to Deal with People that …