They Should Put This Stat in the University Catalog

The analysis isn’t statistically sound, but interesting nonetheless … American universities with the most World of Warcraft players (based on visits to MapWoW). Number One … University of Washington. (That’s a feather in your cap, Huskies.) Also, I see that my alma mater is in the top ten — makes those annual alumni extortion checks so worth it.

Chromaggus Seeks Players (No, not the Blackwing Lair boss dog)

Just so we’re clear on this: World of Warcraft does NOT need new players. Don’t encourage your buddies to play WoW over the summer break. Full. No room. Occupado. However! If you’re already playing WoW and are looking to reroll on a new server, I found this forum post rather interesting: The Chromaggus realm is recruiting new residents to populate their low-pop PVP realm. (Y’know, reproduction not being an option in gaming. Yet.) Additionally, horde and alliance are offering 1 gold to each new character created. Immediately I think, how many Chromaggus assholes will create new characters to farm gold off the recruiters? Answer: As many as it takes to run the recruit fund dry. (Additional links: US Realm Stats per and Furl archive of forum thread)

Poor Taste in Gaming

Interesting article and comments about the dude who’s claiming responsibility for the Super Columbine Massacre RPG that’s been floating around on the intarwebs for several months. (Rocky Mountain News) Let’s see … I first became aware of this RPG around April 2005 (no, I won’t link it, do a search), the murders were in April 1999 — six years, approximately, passed between event and RPG creation. I wonder how long it will be until someone crafts a flight sim based on the September 11th murders. Probably longer than six, but I’ll guess it won’t be ten years. Then, Congress will try to legislate, the judicial branch will “wtf, umm no” and bloggers will have a whole week’s worth of posts! Here’s my post already, and I will quote myself later because that seems very popular in blogging: Show some restraint, ffs.