Spamming Twinks

Although I spent a good portion of this weekend — sigh, and this week too — deleting comment spam (mostly the gay anal people and the pharmaceutical bastards), the URL titled Gay Anal Twinks seems almost like a legit gaming comment. Twinks? That’s gotta be gaming.

Other clever commenting titles: Black Gay Reality Porn (wtf, someone hid in the bushes and waited for gay sex to begin?), River Dolphins (I’m fairly certain no dolphins live in rivers), Roman Amateur Lesbian Orgy (there’s a pro circuit for that?) and Milfhunters (ESPN 8 material).

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4 thoughts on “Spamming Twinks

  1. Naw, some dolphins do live in rivers.

    Just not many (of the total species), plus they tend to be endangered.

    I had so much spam sneaking through Akismet (due to overloading and timeouts) that I ended up turning on the much hated captcha. When I’m getting between 1000 and 2000 spam messages daily, and a 50 or more aren’t reviewed by Akismet (leaving me to do it, horrors!), it’s time to turn on the captcha again.

    If I had the time, I’d modify the code that updates the spam table in WordPress to also update a block list and kill the originating IPs at the firewall.

  2. Goddammit. I was hoping not to learn anything today.

    I should apologize to the spammers trying to educate my ignorant ass, and I would, if only they used legit email addys.

  3. We sometimes get the odd belly-up dolphin in the river here in Brisbane, Australia. Mostly though, we have a problem with gray nurse sharks in the estuary system — they swam in when they were young enough to get past the shark nets, then grew up. It’s strongly recommended that you do not swim in any of Brisbane or the Gold Coast’s waterways.

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