EQdkp Under Attack!

If your guild, like mine, is using the venerable EQdkp program to track guild raid points, attendance and the like, it’s time to patch a security fix. (DO IT NOW!) “A security vulnerability was recently discovered in all current versions of EQdkp that could allow remote code inclusion on specific server configurations, if register_globals is enabled.” More discussion is available here in a forum thread. You’re probably wondering how in the world did I run across this rather obscure gaming news? Is the AFK Gamer staff so on top of late-breaking news that nothing escapes their notice? Thank you. Actually, my guild’s DKP site got whacked last night, although we didn’t discover it until the guildmates started checking their up-to-the-minute DKP balances at work (as you do) and were greeted with this defacement (Flickr screenshot), which, loosely translated means … I cut off your American head and drink soup out of the skull.

1 thought on “EQdkp Under Attack!

  1. actually that deface means;

    “I f**k the p**sy of the mother who gave birth to you,
    He is the most know son of a b**ch in this country,
    abdullah öcalan”

    top of the case: “many bowed before this flag”
    bottom of the case: “whoever betrays this country will die by her bullet”

    fyi: abdullah öcalan is the former leader of PKK, an illegal terrorist organization who killed more than 20.000 civilians and 10.000 soldiers in past 25 years.

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