Let the Games Begin

Lord Victor NefariusLord Victor Nefarius says: Do you expect me to cower before the mighty legion of *FotonRogue*?

You are nothing to me. Less than nothing. Had I desired your head, it would have been presented to me on a pike.

You have made the mistake that all mortals make.

*Lord Victor Nefarius sighs.*

Time does strange things to those that use it as a form of currency.

I’ve made no mistakes.

In your rush to glory, you assumed that the pace of the game revolved around your actions. Can you even fathom how preposterous that sounds to a being like me? A being that if so inclined could cause your own insignificant thoughts to crush the peanut sized mass of grey matter floating within your skull.

You have lost your mind, Nefarius. You speak in riddles.

It is simple really! Allow me to summarize…

Please do.

In this world where time is your enemy, it is my greatest ally. This grand game of life that you think you play in fact plays you. To that I say…

Let the games begin!

The one-year anniversary of the Carnival of Gamers is available on buttonmashing, representing the collective work of over twenty gaming blogs.

Thanks to Tony of buttonmashing for organizing, prodding and sweating out the Carnival this past year — it could not have been easy at times. Accolades also to participants, past and present, who maintain a heavy gaming schedule AND write about it. How do we do it?!?

Mostly liquor and magic.

Until next week then, Foton out.

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