A Family Divided by Warcraft

From the Warcraft forums, a son pleads his case to the community and receives no sympathy in Explain to my mom that Ganking me is not cool. Kwoon, level 22 priest of the Garithos realm explains: “What is the point if shes lvl 60 and I’m 22? What is the sport? She thinks its cool. She sticks her head in MY room, sees where I’m at then stalks me and kils me. NOT COOL. Nor is camping my body. So I’m hoping that if enough people tell her it’s not cool she will stop. Thanks.” Ahh, someday that level 22 priest will grow up and become the level 60 shadow priest he was born to be and faces will be melt. Of course, with all that ganking, it will take considerably longer for the priest to level to 60 … (WoW forum link is now dead, use Furl archive or Flickr screenshot)