A Paladin Crime Spree

Do you like long stories? Oh. Do you like PVP stories? Ok then, listen to PVP is Serious Business, a ytmnd about an unbelievable collision between real life and the Warcraft PVP lifestyle. (small amount of NSFW language) True or not, who knows — frankly, I think his girlfriend is just messing with his head.

3 thoughts on “A Paladin Crime Spree

  1. I just wonder whether this ganker will change his behavior in the future in light of this. I don’t know if he should, i just wonder if he’ll treat other players better, or at least not gank so much knowing it could have a real effect on others. I do find it downright weird that she knew the guy who was ganking this poor kid’s pally.

  2. I must find a reason to steal this link…

    My wife was playing City of Heroes one night and discovered that someone in her group was less than a mile away. No PvP in CoH, though, so he was safe.

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