All the Ancient Beings Use Apostrophes

This is mildly entertaining … complaints and threats about World of Warcraft’s C’Thun encounter in Ahn’Qiraj. If the search function worked on the Warcraft forums, you could search for C’Thun and pull up a whole day’s worth of reading but that would be about as fun as hanging out in an IRC chat room for endgame guilds at 2:30 in the morning. On a related note, I renew my objection to adults using the word “retard” in their everyday vocabulary. (UPDATE: “threats” link killed their bandwidth. Screencap of first page here.)

10 thoughts on “All the Ancient Beings Use Apostrophes

  1. I agree with Tigole on this one(reading that second link): Just because you can’t beat something doesn’t mean it’s broken. The entity C’Thun is an OLD GOD, for chrissakes! You can’t just knock over a deity every day, you know.

    No one can beat it… yet. It’s just a matter of time. It’s highly possible that the key to beating him has already been overlooked…

  2. Is that really what’s going on here? Is it just a matter of the content being difficult? My main is still not level 60, so I haven’t really done any endgame instances and I really am just wanting to know.

    If it’s just a matter of being difficult, dtguild can take a flying leap. Frankly, I WANT my games to be difficult. If they are so difficult that even top guilds can’t beat the content, yet, then great. That means a LOT of other people will get the chance to contribute to finding the perfect strategy to bring down C’Thun. OTOH, if it really is a question of QA/playtesting, then admittedly, that is bad.

    I really don’t know, though. I’m still LFG for my first BRD run.

  3. I don’t anything about the C’thun encounter (still working on getting Nef down), but I would like to hit whoever is responsible for Rajaxx in the balls (or whatever) with a ballpeen hammer. That is probably the least fun I have ever had in a game…and I played SWG.

  4. I don’t mean to comment flood, but…

    A friend of mine informed me that a European Server had beaten C’thun. I have nothing to verify this, though.

  5. would be about as fun as hanging out in an IRC chat room for endgame guilds at 2:30 in the morning.

    Heh, funny thing was that I was doing just that last night. Surprisingly, it was quite fun though.

  6. Regardless of whether the content is broken or just plain hard, is it really proper for a developer to be calling one of the big guilds a retard like that? It doesn’t matter if he’s ‘off duty’ as it were, surely that’s a really bad idea?

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