Xbox Slayings

I must have been really busy in August 2004 that I missed this tangentially gaming-related crime: Four dudes, seeking to recover the one dude’s Xbox, beat six people to death with baseball bats. From the Wired article: “Investigators said they (the victims) had been terrorized for several days over the Xbox, which Victorino (the one dude) had left at another Deltona (Flordia) house where he had been squatting. The game system was taken by Belanger (a victim) when she cleared Victorino’s things out of her grandparents’ winter house.” Few lessons for us all here: someone starts terrorizing you over property (i.e. inanimate objects), give it back … at least pitch it out on the sidewalk … and, not to impune the victims here, but socializing with squatters is a bad idea. For one, they’re prone to overstaying their welcome at your house.

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