Loot and Luck

A short while ago, World of Warcraft began their Guild Relations program, an invitation-only guild think tank. We had told one of our officers to check into app’ing, aka auditioning, for this — he probably didn’t — no matter, doesn’t seem like a lot of benefit to participating. However, there is one good thing that has sprung from this program: The Guild Relations forum, which is just about the only forum with thoughtful game discussions. Inside the 234,678th thread about the evils of DKP, I found this study of DKP loot distribution versus /random loot distribution in a (hypothetical?) raiding guild of 150 members. If you look at the “Lady Luck is a Bitch” /random chart, the one hypothetical member attended almost 50 raids before scoring some loot. This is how I know the /random chart is simulated: that guy would have quit after the tenth raid or so.

5 thoughts on “Loot and Luck

  1. Yeah- the resistance to DKP systems always seems to be based on the worst DKP systems (which can get rather terrible). Any well thought out DKP setup is actually going to reward the newer players, especially if they join an existing raiding guild that manages to clear any raid instances- older, well geared players won’t want the gear from MC- they’ll just be along to get points for AQ or BWL- newer players will get their pick of gear (similar to running the 5-man lvl 60 instances with raiders who go there for whatever reason- you can score 2-3 items per run, because they’re not going for the same reasons you are).

    The major things that get people up in arms about DKP- badly designed systems that permit collusion between older raiders (most auction-based systems, actually), and the painful changeover from non-raiding to raiding guild (especially with certain DKP setups, this can get exeptionally nasty- even the best setups really only work once you’ve gotten to a stable point).

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