I Left My Heart in Un’Goro Crater

That Famous Bridge in San FranciscoI’m in San Francisco on business for a few days.

Don’t worry, I’ll still make the Wednesday night raids … well, y’know, assuming the Warcraft servers have been revived.

I’m not so out of the loop that I didn’t hear about how Patch 1.10 soloed the servers and wtfpwned the server spawn for many hours. Announced player compensation for the inconvenience: 50 cents.

Blizzard’s Drysc: “An issue occurred while applying the 1.10 content patch yesterday that prevented the realms from going live at the end of our scheduled maintenance window. To compensate players for any inconvenience caused by this extended downtime, we will be issuing a 24-hour time extension to all players with an active account. Thank you for your patience during today’s maintenance; we hope you enjoy all the new content in patch 1.10!”

How sweet is that? I wasn’t inconvenienced AT ALL, and I’ll get the 50 cents credit too. Also, I can say I told you so:

Any wagers on how fast they’ll push Patch 1.10 to live? how much downtime for hotfixes/server crashes? how much forum screaming? And the million-dollar question: Will this patch attract or drive away our priests?

(March 28th, 3 hours on 3/28, it will be thunderous, they’ll be happier post-1.10 but not ecstatic.)

I was a little optimistic about that additional downtime, but I’m still refining my prognosticative techniques. Honestly, I know of no other industry that would push several major system and code changes all at once and hope for the best. Only in gaming is this considered standard protocol.

Other Warcraft News: Blizzard announces new patch delivery system
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4 thoughts on “I Left My Heart in Un’Goro Crater

  1. I’m surprised no one has noticed the stealth nerf. LOL, I crack meself up. Yeah, stealth now comes down at the beginning of any action rather than the end. I don’t play a rogue, but that sounds like that could be a huge nerf. Won’t that impact raid strategies?

  2. Actually, that is aimed at nelf hunters, who had the sweet setup of Shadowmeld -> Aimed Shot. It was like Ambush from a Rogue, but from 41 yards away… The Rogues actually made out quite nicely, as many people are reporting that poisons can be applied without breaking stealth. Cheap Shot and Slice and Dice also got fixed so the Rogue whining should be at normal levels.

  3. Even as a NE Hunter I thought that stealth aimed shot might have been a little abusive. But in practice I can just make sure you’re turned the other way before I draw down on you from ambush. Only player that will see you on the scope will be another hunter, and he 1) has to be paying close attention to the scope, 2) damn sure isn’t going to charge you.

    The real nerfs that are chapping my ass as a hunter are the visible flare nerf and the stealth vs. hidden trap nerf. Not that any rogue with any sense isn’t aware that I’m standing on a trap, but now there’s _no_ chance a 60 isn’t gonna see it.

  4. It wasn’t a stealth nerf, was listed in the patch notes plain and simple. I think the biggest hunter nerf this patch was that most Cat pets sound like WOLVES!

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