3 thoughts on “UO’s NGE

  1. Interesting. UO had one NGE back when the Age of Shadows expansion came out. I think that one worked well, except for the fact that it wasn’t AT ALL designed with long-term play in mind. No item decay Artifacts that explicitly broke their own design parameters = dead crafting and a combat system that has collapsed under its own weight. Word is they’ve brought the crafting system back to some sort of relevance. They’re bringing back the dynamic scenarios too. If they fix the combat system so that it’s not so item dependent any more then I just might have to re-sub and check things out.

  2. I took a peek at UO last week out of curiosity – name and gender change tokens for the low, low price of $34.99!

    Yay upselling!

  3. Many UO fans would agree that the game hit its peak about 7 years ago shortly before the Renaissance patch that introduced Trammel, I think they should just let it die.

    The game that we loved has been gone for a long, long time……unless you play on one of throwback freeshards, then it’s all good.

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