5 thoughts on “Onyxia is Serious Business

  1. I threw this site together after the file was originally removed from putfile.com, to try and keep it alive. And after our entire guild laughed at it for 10 minutes on Teamspeak of course. 🙂


  2. This has some legs. My guild is docking everyone “negative 50 DKP”; we have a couple of people working on their voice impersonations in Vent; any misstep = “it’s not even fucking remotely imaginable!”

    Until that guild/raid leader asserts their/his copyright, we should all try to get a piece of the action. Is Negative50dkp.com available? (hey, it is!)

  3. lol The picture for the Background is of a Horde Guild on Lothar but the audio is from a different server. There’s posts on the Lothar forum about it I believe.

  4. OMG this guy is nutty. I have laughed at this sooooo many times. I can understand have a serious no BS raid guild leader but damn!!! If someone yelled at me like the way he did at Molten Core ……./quildquit. LMAO

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