Welcome to the Party, Pal

Warcraft Alliance PvP guild, Serenity Now of Illidan, crashed an ingame funeral, slaying those who came to pay their respects. Here’s the video. Here’s the drama thread archived drama thread. (one of many drama threads, actually.) *shrug* It’s nothing new on a PvP server, and it’s not very funny or clever either. It does demonstrate, however, why guilds should muzzle their members on public forums. Now that part is amusing.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Party, Pal

  1. I would recomeen that every person in serenity now got traced found in RL and shot dead.. rid the rl world of assholes

  2. det er skikkelig dÃ¥rlig gjort, jævla idioter som ikke har en slags etikk og skjønner hvor grensene gÃ¥r. de fortjener bare Ã¥ bli ignored med alli og horde skal ganke de til evig tid Translation: Even though I can obviously use English and this is clearly an English website, I chose not to, because I am a rude asshole. This is why we can’t have nice things, people like me.

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