Now We Hate Patch 1.10

And I had such high hopes for World of Warcraft’s Patch 1.10, the Patch that Would Save the Game!

Didn’t take long — a few days after the test realm players had time to get their hands dirty, just about everyone is pissed about something.

New Non-raider Epics. This is the gear that was added on the fly to Patch 1.10 to quell the rising shitstorm. (I’m guessing about that “on the fly”, the shitstorm is not a guess.)

What People Hate: New (even) lower raid limits on the Tier 0 Instances — those are your Scholo, the Strath twins, Blackrock Depths (BRD) and the two Blackrock Spires (UpperBRS/LowerBRS) areas. BRS limited to 10-man, all the others will be 5-man.

Translation: This time when you run these dungeons over and over again for your Tier 0 gear, you’re REALLY going to want a solid tank and healer.

The revamped Tier Crap instances will have new bosses, better drop rates and improved loot. Which is good, because you must have your Tier 0 set to turn in for the new epic set. You vendored it? Disenchanted maybe? Oh. Bummer.

(Seriously, just start raiding Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and Ahn’Queer. Life will be so much easier for you then.)

Here’s more from authorized Blizzard posters on the Dungeon changes: 90-minute runs, start re-farming Dungeon 1 pieces, dungeon sets are class specific.

What Foton Hates: Nothing. I’m in a raid guild so I dodged that bullet. Funny how that works out, huh? Being serious though, I’ve stopped asking, “WHY?? WHY??”, when it comes to design decisions. There often is no why.

Priest Revamped Talents. This is really what Patch 1.10 was about, redoing the Priest talents and, we hope, fixing that abyssmal Holy tree, giving Priests something to do besides log on for raids or … or … or respec’ing to shadow.

Here’s the official thread with the proposed Priest changes and the updated Priest talent calculator. Cheers, congratulations and hearty handshakes all around.

What People Hate: Wow, I’m not sure where to begin. They like the new Holy Nova. They’re not real fond of Lightwell, the bandage on a 10 minute cooldown that costs priest mana and adds to priest hate. Ya, hi, I have max first aid skill, keep that Lightwell in your pocket, thx.

Here’s some articulate player posts about the priest changes: How to change Lightwell and Party Fouls in 1.10.

What Foton Hates: Listen, I hate anything the priests tell me to hate. I’m a healer asskisser from way back. Healers aren’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Consider that an axiom.

I realize that tuning healers is not easy, to say the least, but stop fucking around and give them their due.

Disabled UI Mods. Patch 1.10 disables some of the “hooks” used by the more popular mods, which may or may not be intentional since they rarely respond to any threads that don’t start off with “I <3 Blizzard”. In particular, any function attached to a movement key appears to have been nuked.

What People Hate: First, they hate not getting an answer. Since that’s not going to change, here’s a list of addons that are broken in Patch 1.10 (banned/blocked/busted). The WoW Wiki also has responses from mod developers on their progress in restoring the former functionality.

(CTRaidAssist users, stand down. Cide to the rescue: “…CT_RaidAssist is by no means blocked. It hooked a function that no longer can be hooked, which results in the “Blocked” message. It’s an easy fix, and I have already fixed it on Test. It’ll work just fine as soon as we release an update.”)

Lastly, I’m thinking people really hate not getting a straight answer.

What Foton Hates: I hate not getting a straight answer.

Ok, now the fun part. Any wagers on how fast they’ll push Patch 1.10 to live? how much downtime for hotfixes/server crashes? how much forum screaming? And the million-dollar question: Will this patch attract or drive away our priests?

(March 28th, 3 hours on 3/28, it will be thunderous, they’ll be happier post-1.10 but not ecstatic.)

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90-minute runs
Refarm Dungeon 1 pieces
Dungeon sets are class-specific
Proposed Priest talent changes
How to change Lightwell
Party fouls in 1.10
WoW Wiki’s list of broken addons

3 thoughts on “Now We Hate Patch 1.10

  1. I’m of two minds with the ui changes. On the one hand, ManaConserve and the version of Decursive bound to movement keys were big crutches. But then, priests aren’t exactly a lazy or skill-less class, and they really do have a lot on their plates. The change to not allow casting decurse when it’s not needed might make some encounters (Chromaggus) easier, we’ll see.

    I won’t comment on the ‘my $15 means I deserve epics even if I never log in’ debate, it’s a no win. I see it as the way that makes sense and is fair vs the way that a whole lot of people paying $$ want, in other words no self-respecting developer would ever make the right decision.

  2. You missed out on the best part of the 1.10 ‘epics’ — they suck. One piece was held up as “why is this piece decent, while others suck?”, that piece being the Paladin gloves. Blizzard’s response was to nerf the Paladin gloves, heh.

    “Regarding the Dungeon 2 set gauntlets… the Soulforge Gauntlets were unfortunately a bit higher level than intended and are being brought down to the proper level. This may have skewed your initial comparison somewhat, and I apologize.”

    What I hate is that the new set is still not an improvement over top of the line pre-ZG gear. It’s still not even ilvl 65 — it’s gear designed for characters who aren’t level 60 yet. The ol’ “raid or quit” message gets stronger all the time.

  3. Short of CT Mods action bars and the Auctioneer, I think just about every mod I regularly use is going to be broken. Of course, I never bound Decursive to movement keys: I macroed it on the hotbar where God intended it to be. Still, I’m a heavy user of Decursive, Castparty, SCT, etc., since I play a Priest most of the time. I’m not really looking forward to this patch, and neither is my wife (who’s ready to spit bullets over making Scholo/Strat/BRD five-man only).

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