It Really IS in the Mail

Remember that post about some poser claiming to work with Blizzard on a rebate program? (Fear my ability to archive.) Briefly, on 2/23/06, the word was:

It has come to our attention that several customers have received correspondence from people claiming to be affiliated with Blizzard. This has come under the guise of a rebate form. These emails appear to be an attempt to acquire account information from players.

Now forget all that. The memo worked its way around the office and here’s the real deal on 2/24/06:

Our support teams have received a number of calls from our players regarding the legitimacy of e-mails relating to the Net-to $19.99 rebate. If you have received such an e-mail from that is requesting a verification of your account name in order to process the rebate, this request is legitimate. We have partnered with Parago for this rebate program and they will be processing all forms for this rebate offer. Please keep in mind that any additional information will not be requested by Parago, such as your account password, or World of Warcraft billing information.

If at any time you question the legitimacy of a website, e-mail, or any other contact requesting account information in any capacity we recommend contacting one of our support teams for clarification.

As usual, the responses are the real entertainment.