This is Art

Courtesy of the Warcraft forums, two budding wordsmiths:

Triock outlines the finer points of the little-known Herpalism harvest skill, “I am so tired of /cry cause of no gold for mount or item this and that! I am always enough gold and here is the key: Herpalism! I am giving these ideas here FREE so I don’t have to explain it all the time because I explain it a hundred times and nobody understands! … ” Spoof Alert: this is Triock’s (level 4 orc) only post. (Thanks, emailer Elbows.) (Furled archive.)

Imfugly details why PvP rogues need to be nerfed, “O.k. am I patient of rogues. Each fight, which I have with results rogue being in me, stunlocked for 75% of the fight …” Spoof Alert: Imfugly, level 1 gnome, has a small post history built up; some in character, a few that are intelligible. (Furled archive.)

It’s like Cubism with the English Language; I recognize English words, but hell if I know what I’m looking at.

2 thoughts on “This is Art

  1. HA HA HA HAAA. Thanks for the Imfugly link – haven’t laughed that hard in a while. The translations are priceless.

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