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I haven’t been a fanboi of anything for a long time. I was an EverQuest fanboi before launch — Anarchy Online, Dark Age of Camelot, same thing — then I slunk back to EQ like the junkie I was, and, it was around that time that fanboi joy was over for me. “This game is gonna be great!” had long since turned to “I really hope this game doesn’t suck.”

However, I am a Flickr fanboi and have been for at least a year and a half. Of course, Flickr is not a game, so that probably explains that, but it is (their words) “… almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.”

I have a Flickr pro account for AFK Gamer (which you can see), and another Flickr pro account for real life photos (which you can’t see). Most days, I’ll throw up a screenshot or two on Flickr that won’t make the cut for a post here. You’re welcome to poke around there, OF COURSE, cuz Flickr is all about sharing for people that like to watch.

One of the things I do while waiting in a game queue is follow the Flickr gaming tags and check out other people’s screenshots. Here’s a few to get you started if you’re like me and you like to watch:

WorldofWarcraft tag, Most interesting WorldofWarcraft, Everquest2 tag, Most interesting Everquest2, Guild Wars tag, Ragnaros (the bastard of Molten Core) tag, and Flickr interest groups for gaming screenshots.

There are even gaming guilds/clans that have a Flickr group for their members to share screenshots and photos, which, by my way of thinking, makes Flickr a killer guild app, too — unfortunately, not for my guild. We’re still working on How to Register for the DKP Site 101.

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