They Make the News

I absolutely loved this story from last week, from Philadelphia’s Channel 6 ACTION!!!! News: The Nintendo DS System, which, according to the crack team of reporters at Channel 6 ACTION!!! News, can and is being used by creepy adults to stalk budding artists like 11 year-old Emily Keel. Here’s the punchline: even according to ACTION!!! News’ own web writeup, the creeps “… must also be using another DS system and be within 65 feet.” Umm, maybe that crack team of reporters could have scouted around Emily’s neighborhood and caught the stalker in the bushes. Or, they could stop making up stuff. ACTION!!! News had contacted GamerDad’s David Long about Pictochat, Emily’s preferred DS app, before their report aired. Long writes: “I also said at least three or four times that Pictochat was not Internet enabled …” and “I stated specifically that Pictochat would still not work because it doesn’t ever make any connection with a network as it has no means of connecting to an Internet Service Provider (ISP).” I still wish ACTION!!! News would have taken a walk around Emily’s ‘hood, beating the bushes, looking for the creepy DS stalker. (Originally tipped to this story at buttonmashing: Poor Reporting.)

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